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Esso Synergy EuroDiesel

Presenting the fuel that takes you further.

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What’s in our Synergy EuroDiesel

The additives in our Synergy EuroDiesel are designed to help clean vital engine parts (like your car’s diesel injectors) and protect your engine from corrosion, all while you drive. Harmful deposits can build up in your engine over time which prevent your car from performing at its best. By helping to clean and remove these deposits our Synergy EuroDiesel can help look after your engine, reduce emissions, and give you improved engine performance and better fuel economy. In fact, when we tested it on everyday cars it gave them up to 26km more with every fill. That means you can fill up less and save money.*

How our Synergy EuroDiesel works


Keep your boot and back seats clear of loads you don’t need. Carrying around tools or sport bags full of gear and equipment can make your car heavier. This, in turn, makes the engine work harder and uses more fuel.
It is good to get into the habit of changing up to a higher gear as soon as you can. Higher gears are more economical in terms of fuel consumption.**
Drive smoothly and at a reasonable speed – driving at high speeds uses more fuel than driving at slower speeds. Remember, if you accelerate or brake suddenly it is likely that your engine will use up more fuel and produce more CO₂.
Anticipate the flow of traffic as far ahead of you as possible to help you avoid unnecessary stopping and starting. This will help you to drive more smoothly, reducing your fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions.
A shared journey means one less car on the road. This helps to reduce traffic congestion and your fuel consumption, and you can share the cost of fuel too!
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Our Synergy Unleaded fuels

Find out more about the Synergy technology in our Unleaded fuels, and the differences between our premium Synergy Supreme+ 98.

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* Basis for comparison is versus unadditised diesel. The exhaust gases are related to CO, HC and NOx. Claims are based on one or more of the following elements: (1) internal and / or external testing of vehicles and / or engines; (2) laboratory bench tests; and / or (3) literature of the sector or other scientific literature. Fuel economy claim is based on testing on diesel vehicles purchased on the UK used car market and independently tested at Mahle, UK. Fuel economy was assessed in the condition vehicles were received. Testing occurred over 4000 km using Esso Synergy EuroDiesel and the increase in fuel economy in the cars tested was up to 26.1 kilometers per fill and an average of 16.8 kilometres per fill. The average distance per fill was 930 kilometers. Benefits may vary depending on factors such as engine type, engine condition, driving style, and diesel previously used.

An initiative by FuelsEurope and the European Commission
** European Commission"