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Energy for your journey

Wherever life takes you, we have the quality fuels to get you there.
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Our petrols

Energy Esso petrol

Designed to improve your driving experience

All of our petrols have been engineered to help improve your engine’s overall performance and fuel economy. This is one more reason to refuel at Esso.

Unleaded 95 Octane: Our regular petrol grade designed to help improve your fuel economy.

Unleaded 98 Octane: Our premium grade, higher octane petrol with double the detergent additives (compared to our 95 Octane grade) to help give a deeper clean for better engine performance.

How our petrol works

Our diesels

Esso diesels pump

Developed with you and your engine in mind

Esso EURODIESEL has been developed to help clean deposits from your engine and improve fuel economy. This is one more way our fuels work hard for you every day.

How our EURODIESEL works
Fuel efficiency tips

Handy tips to improve your fuel economy

You can increase your fuel economy and contribute to a cleaner and safer environment by driving smarter**. Simply follow these handy driving tips.*

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Claims based on one or more of the following: (1) internal or third party vehicle engine testing; (2) government publications; and/or (3) industry or other scientific literature. Available at participating Esso service stations only. Engine type, driving behaviour and other factors may also determine fuel and vehicle performance, including fuel economy.

* An initiative by FuelsEurope and the European Commission