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Esso Fuels

How our Synergy Unleaded fuels work?

Follow the energy through a petrol engine.

Intake valves

Esso Synergy Unleaded fuels are engineered to help remove deposits from intake valves, which helps lead to a smoother air/petrol mixture flow.

Combustion chamber

It’s here in the combustion chamber where everything comes together.

A closer look

Esso Synergy Unleaded fuels are designed at a microscopic level to help clean your intake valves.*

Exhaust valves

The exhaust valves, where combustion gases are discharged.

* Basis for comparison is versus unadditised petrol. The exhaust gases are related to CO, HC and NOx. Benefits may vary depending on factors such as engine type, driving style, and petrol previously used. Fill is defined as a full fuel tank.