Frequently Asked Questions

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If you've put the wrong fuel into your vehicle then don’t start your engine. Doing so may damage your engine. Call a roadside assistance company immediately. They will be able to drain the fuel from your vehicle.

When cardholders use a credit card/debit card on the OPT, their bank will place a hold on the funds in their account for the pre- selected amount by the cardholder. The cardholder cannot use those funds until the bank releases the hold. When you use your credit card/debit card on the OPT, it sends an electronic request to your bank to authorise a sale for the requested amount. Then the exact amount of your purchase is sent to your bank immediately after you have completed the transaction. At that time, your bank should charge your account for the actual amount of the sale and remove the hold. However many banks do not remove the hold immediately. Often, they will leave it on your account for few days.

  • Synergy is the new name for the fuel products being used at the pilot sites. These Esso service stations are receiving a new look to provide customers with an enhanced overall station experience. The image upgrade includes innovative design elements to communicate fuel offers more consistently and effectively to customers.
  • We are in the process of renaming our fuel to help customers better differentiate our fuel offerings. Our Unleaded 95 will become “Synergy Unleaded (95),” Unleaded 98 with become “Synergy Supreme+ Unleaded (98),” Eurodiesel will become “Synergy Eurodiesel”.
  • The quality of our fuel remains unchanged and consumers can expect to buy the same high quality fuel at Esso service stations.

Yes, Eurodiesel is suitable for both older Diesel engines, and more modern ones.

Yes Eurodiesel can be used for heavy vehicles with the same benefits as for passenger vehicles.

Like ordinary Diesels, Εurodiesel may contain up to 7% biofuels (FAME) as defined in standard EN590, which specifies the minimum properties of diesel sold in service stations in Europe.

EN590 specifies the properties of the Diesel sold in fuel service stations in the EU, and determines that the minimum number of Cetanes must be 51. Eurodiesel always contains at least 51 Cetanes.

Eurodiesel is absolutely compatible with any other type of Diesel that is already contained in the tank of the vehicle.

Esso Optiplus offers quicker heating time, longer heating per litre, protection of the heating system and helps reduce carbon monoxide emissions.
Heating Oil is a fuel to heat households.
Our heating oil is a cleaner burning and fast acting home heating solution. However, it would depend on several factors, which include the size of the household and family, weather, tank condition and oil-boiler (burner) efficiency.
Heating oil is burned in oil-fired boilers, providing heat and hot water to large commercial premises and homes. Heating oil cannot be used to power vehicles, no matter if they are off-road or road-going. You also can’t use heating oil in mobile or static engines.
Our heating oil can be used all year round.
Esso Optiplus is specially formulated with re-odorant to help reduce fuel odour during delivery, storage and usage. Esso Optiplus is a low sulphur premium heating oil with added odour protection, which ensures that there is no unpleasant smell.
Performance, value and protection. Esso Optiplus helps maintain heating power over time to deliver quicker heating time compared to unadditised fuel.
This will depend on several factors, which include the size of your household and family, weather, tank condition and oil-boiler (burner) efficiency. However, boilers using Esso Optiplus heated longer per litre when compared to unadditised fuels.
Esso Optiplus contains lubricity improver to actively reduce friction and wear on the fuel pump. By helping to keep fuel nozzles clean, Esso Optiplus maintains power and performance over time, compared to unadditised fuel.
Esso Optiplus helps keep boiler systems clean to improve the overall efficiency of domestic heating systems.
Heating oil has a shelf life. However, there are factors that can affect the quality of the heating oil. The improved storage stability of Esso Optiplus helps reducing sediment formation to maintain fuel quality during storage.